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Latest news:

2013-07-20: We've posted Deskpad 0.99d for 64-bit Linux systems, as the 0.99c version was missing some libraries.

2013-06-01: Deskpad 0.99c, for all operating systems, corrects a problem with creating new checklist items and several other minor bugs.

2013-03-25: We've posted Deskpad 0.99b (for Windows only, at present), to correct a few bugs and update the look.

2013-03-13: We discovered and fixed a second problem with the Mac version of Deskpad. Again, please see the Mac download page for the updated file.

2013-03-12: The Mac version of Deskpad had a problem, which we've now resolved. Please see the Mac download page for the updated file.

2013-02-11: Deskpad 0.99a Beta is now available for the Mac! This version would add very little to the Windows and Linux builds, so we'll probably skip to the next one for those. We plan to finish the last few features and improve the look and feel (on all three platforms) next.

2012-12-05: Deskpad 0.99 Beta is now available, for Windows and Linux. We apologize for the long delay since the last release, but we're nearly there!

2012-10-07: Deskpad 0.98 Beta is now ready for download, for both Windows and Linux. Please see the new Revision History page for details on what has changed.

2012-09-19: Deskpad 0.97e Beta is now available, for both Windows and Linux. It corrects several problems, one of which caused the program to crash when it was trying to authorize a new system.

2012-09-16: The Windows version of Deskpad 0.97d Beta is now available. Apologies for the delay, we had some problems with the new proxy support under Windows, which we believe are now solved.

2012-09-10: We've posted a new version of Deskpad, Deskpad 0.97d Beta. This version has several internal improvements, adds support for several types of proxy, and adds viewing, editing, and creation of Recipe and Book items. (Linux versions only at the moment, Windows version is coming, possibly this evening.)

2012-08-24: A customer discovered one last critical problem in the Windows version, now taken care of in the newly-released Deskpad 0.97c Beta.

2012-08-24: Another minor update to Deskpad, 0.97b Beta, for both Windows and Linux. This one focuses on small problems that have turned up since Springpad's announcement of it, most of them user-reported.

2012-08-05: We've released a minor update to Deskpad, 0.97a Beta. Only for Windows at the moment, but we plan to update the Linux version to it within the next couple days.

2012-07-22: Deskpad 0.97 Beta is now available, for Windows and Linux. We've added viewing and editing for several more types, and have fixed a number of small bugs.

2012-06-29: The Deskpad 0.93 Beta for Linux is now available too!

2012-06-26: The Deskpad 0.93 Beta for Windows is now ready! We've added viewers and editors for Bookmarks, Events, and Products, and fixed a number of bugs.

2012-05-28: The Deskpad 0.92 Beta for Windows has been posted for download, working with the updated Springpad.

2012-04-13: As you may have noticed, Springpad made some major changes over the last couple days, and they're still scrambling to get everything working right. We're looking at what this means for Deskpad, and how much we'll have to change. In the mean time, the planned beta release of Deskpad for Linux has obviously been delayed; we're planning to update the Windows beta first, to fix a few bugs that we've discovered and try to update it for the new Springpad design, then post the Linux version soon after that.

2012-04-04: Due to some configuration changes on the part of our hosting company, a couple of our scripts were broken. They've been fixed now.

2012-04-02: Deskpad 0.91 Beta for Windows has been released!

2012-03-28: We had intended to release the Windows version of Deskpad today, but during the final QA testing we turned up several previously-unknown problems, some of them critical. We've pushed the release date back to give us time to fix them and thoroughly re-test it.

2012-03-20: Everything should now be working as intended. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

2012-03-19: It seems that there's a problem with our CGI scripts (the contact page and the Deskpad redirect-by-OS download page). They were working earlier, so we believe it's a hosting problem; we've contacted them to get it resolved. In the mean time, please avoid using either of those pages.

2012-03-18: The new website is live. Have a look around! If you find anything that doesn't look right, please let us know about it.

2012-03-13: A new website, in honor of our upcoming new product! Deskpad by Oak Circle Software, Inc is a cross-platform program for viewing, editing, and backing up the data you've stored with Springpad. The Windows and Linux versions are almost ready for beta; the Mac OS X version should be released within a few weeks.

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Please note that this website is incomplete. Due to the design, we have to upload it to test some things, and we're too busy to set up a web server on a local machine at the moment. The site should be completed within the week.