Deskpad for Mac OS X

  • Full version with free trial
  • Version 0.99c (Beta)
  • 12.8 MB

Note that this is a beta version, made available to the public for testing purposes. It works, but some features are not complete.

Please forgive the rather crude look of it in places. Now that the Mac version is available, we intend to address the look and feel next.

We're aware of a few problems with this version:

  • The notebook-content window may flicker annoyingly.
  • In the notebook-content window, after moving the keyboard focus to a different portion of the window, you can't move it back to the main content. Mouse access works without problems.
  • The Edit Attachment window throws up an error window when opened.

We'll fix those for the next release, as well as any other problems that are reported.

This is our first program for the Mac, so let us know if you see any other problems and we'll get them fixed as soon as possible.

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