Here is a visual tour of a few of Deskpad's features.

(These screen-shots were taken on 64-bit Windows 7, running the "Windows Classic" theme (as it's less visually distracting for this), and using reduced color to limit their size. Deskpad will look even better on your system.)

View a list of all of your items, graphically. Each item type has its own colorful icon to identify it.

View Items

Quickly find items of a particular category...

Find by Category

...or that have a particular tag.

Find by Tag

You can also find items by typing a few letters of their title.

The Quick-Find Feature

It's easy to create new items, selecting them with your mouse or typing in the first few letters:

New-Item Screen

(The grayed-out items aren't available for editing in version 0.97, but they'll be editable before version 1.00.)

Editing an item is a snap!

Editing Item