Deskpad by Oak Circle Software, Inc

Deskpad is a program for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux that lets you view, edit, and back up the data that you've stored on the Springpad web service.

Why should you care?

Springpad is a web-app, so a desktop app might seem a step backward, but there are good reasons why you might want a desktop app as well.

The Speed and User Interface of a true desktop application.

Don't like web-apps? Have a low-bandwidth Internet connection? Deskpad offers the access-from-anywhere advantages of Springpad with the speed and native user interface features that web apps just can't reliably duplicate.

Makes your data accessible even without an Internet connection.

Got a laptop or tablet computer? There's no reason to miss out on your Springpad data when you're away from an Internet connection! It allows you not only to view your data, but to edit it as well; it will upload your changes the next time that it's connected to the 'net.

Are you concerned that Springpad might not always be around? Is your Internet connection unreliable? Any web service will inevitably have down-time, planned or otherwise; any Internet connection will occasionally fail. Deskpad will let you keep working with your data despite any problems.

Lets you take control of your own data.

Afraid you'll delete something important, or have data on Springpad that you want to keep a disaster-proof backup of? Deskpad puts a copy of your data on your system, where you can keep it safe from any unforeseen problems the same way you protect your other data.

Gives you power.

If those aren't enough reason, we're planning powerful features you can't presently get any other way. Here's a little taste of what we have planned in the near future:

  • Create encrypted notes for sensitive information. You'll only be able to see them on a Deskpad-equipped desktop system (for now), but we're hoping to persuade Springpad to support them natively soon.
  • Make off-line archives of notebooks that you no longer want to see, but are too important to delete.
  • Arrange notebooks into groups and views, and only see the ones that you want to see (very useful if you have lots of notebooks).
  • Pseudo-notebooks that can hold other notebooks as well as data items, so you can arrange your information in a hierarchy and make it easy to find.
  • Search, sort, and manipulate your data in other ways that Springpad doesn't presently support.

We're considering other powerful features as well, and we welcome your suggestions.

Buy once, run anywhere.

Purchase Deskpad for one platform (Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux), and your key will unlock Deskpad on all other supported platforms too! And if you buy it before the 1.0 release, you'll get the early-bird special: a 50% discount off the regular price!

Convinced yet?

Download a free trial version and take it for a spin! We think you'll like it.