Deskpad Revision History

Version 0.99d Beta, released 2013-07-20 (64-bit Linux only)

  • Fixed missing libraries in install file.

Version 0.99c Beta, released 2013-06-01 (all platforms)

  • After a recent Springpad update, new checklists weren't getting their checklist items; now they will again.
  • Fixed debug warnings when opening the right-click menu in a notebook.
  • Fixed a sizing problem with the date/time entry window.
  • Fixed an error message on exit.
  • Minor internal fixes.

Version 0.99b Beta, released 2013-03-25 (for Windows)

  • Corrected problems with configuration dialog under Windows.
  • Preliminary version of new look!

Version 0.99a Beta, released 2013-02-11 (for the Mac)
  • The first Mac version!
  • Mostly internal improvements to the code, for Mac compatibility and in preparation for upgrading the look.

Version 0.99 Beta, released 2012-12-05

  • Added viewing/editing support for Files, Photos, and Videos. (Files and Photos can't be uploaded yet.)
  • Added support for sorting by Due Date, Type, and Tags.
  • Corrected minor bugs in year editing.
  • Added code-signing certificate to the Windows version, to avoid warnings and help reassure suspicious antivirus programs that it is legitimate.

Version 0.98 Beta, released 2012-10-07
  • Added viewing/editing support for Movies, TV Shows, and Wines.
  • Added configuration options dialog.
  • Added ten-second delay to initial sync, to prevent an unresponsive user interface during startup.
  • Improved error-handling code to prevent crash when a previous crash stored malformed data.
  • Pull-down lists on the Edit Recipe dialog are now filled with previously-entered information, rather than unchanging lists of data.
  • Improved the update-available dialog. Now offers to show you what has changed, as well as downloading the new version.
  • Fixed a bug when using an SSL connection via an HTTP proxy.
  • Fixed a multithread proxy bug in the Linux version.
  • Fixed a bug causing themes not to get downloaded on the initial run.
  • Fixed a timing bug which would cause auto-syncs not to happen as soon as they should.

Version 0.97e Beta, released 2012-09-19

  • Fixed bug in new proxy support that could cause crashes when trying to download in the background (for example, when downloading backgrounds on a new system).
  • Fixed bug in Linux version that would cause it to sync many times with no delay between them.
  • Fixed lockup when trying to render a background file that hasn't been downloaded yet.
  • Background downloads that previously failed are now retried when the program is restarted.
  • Background downloads are now delayed if the program starts in offline mode, and restarted when it is put back online.
  • If you start the program in offline mode, authorization would fail with a misleading error. It will now ask to go online instead.
  • Improved and greatly expanded logging system.

Version 0.97d Beta, released 2012-09-10 (Linux) and 2012-09-16 (Windows)

  • Added viewing/editing support for Recipes and Books.
  • Added support for HTTP, SOCKS4a, and SOCKS5 proxies, and partial support for SOCKS4 proxies.
  • Extended "offline" setting to affect background downloads as well. Program now cannot initiate a connection when set to offline mode, for any reason; however, existing connections are not terminated when program goes offline.
  • On the Linux versions, the libboost_* libraries are now static-linked. This should allow it to work on the Ubuntu 12.10 beta, and should help it to work on non-Debian distributions as well.

Version 0.97c Beta (Windows only), released 2012-08-24

  • Fixed critical display bug on purchased copies.
  • Internal improvements in preparation for adding proxy support.

Version 0.97b Beta, released 2012-08-24

  • Fixed a rare problem with JSON parsing.
  • Fixed a difficulty with entering keys, and with the Linux version properly recognizing when a key is bad.
  • Purchase dialog now resizes better, enter-key box now larger.
  • Internal build system improvements.