The Extended Integer (XInt) Library

A fast, portable C++ library for multi-precision integer math.
Copyright 2010 by Chad Nelson

What is it?

It's a C++ library that lets your program handle much, much larger integer numbers than the built-in int, long, or even long long types, and handle them using the same syntax that C and C++ use for the built-in integer types.

The maximum size of the integer is limited only by the memory available to store it. In practice that's millions of hexadecimal digits, so it's effectively infinite.

This is not (yet) an official Boost library.

Why would I use it?

How do I use it?

That's the best part. If you've installed the Boost library already, all you need to do is add #include <boost/xint/xint.hpp> at the top of your source code file and declare your variable as type boost::xint::integer. Then just use it the way you'd use any integer. If you need something more advanced, take a look in the reference section and you just might find it.

More information on how to use it can be found on the pages listed below.

Stand-Alone Examples:

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